Witt + Bliss is an urban lifestyle boutique where specialty home goods, 
accessories, and gifts take center stage. From candles and coasters to 
pillows and platters, we source the world’s best bazaars and artisan 
workshops to bring together a sophisticated yet livable mix of homewares, each of which blends seamlessly with the unique items crafted by local 

At Witt + Bliss, every piece has a story to share. 

Witt + Bliss is the creation of Martha Dayton, a Minneapolis-based interior designer who is responsible for some of the region’s most inviting 
residential and commercial spaces. The daughter of retailers, Martha uses her passion for the industry to create a personal and highly curated 
shopping experience that draws on both her love of Minnesota and the Midwest and her favorite travel destinations, including Spain, Mexico, France, and Turkey. Martha’s sensibility combines an art lover’s 
appreciation for beauty with an understanding that a home is not a 
museum, but a place for rest and comfort and joy.