PEACE Candle No. Three by Graham & Kane

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PEACE, No. Three, an intimate portrayal, is a provocative assembly of fragrances; amber, musk and vanilla. This experience encourages love, expressions of love and inspires the perfect habitat for acting on desire. Utilizing exquisite packaging, Peace, No. Three, is housed in a black elevator box with a custom ballad on the first-class paper stock on the outer band that eloquently sets the stage for this experience, which crescendos with the reveal of a sleek and sophisticated hand painted black vessel. Amber, musk and vanilla scent.


    • Amber, musk and vanilla scent
    • American farmed, 100% chemical-free vegetable soy wax and cotton wick 
    • Premium quality fragrances 
    • Individually hand poured into a black painted glass vessel
    • Produced in the United States 
    • Each candle includes a match book
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