Peace Candle No. Two by Graham & Kane

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PEACE, No. Two, is inspired by the cool, calm breezes that usher in the delicateness of spring and that flow into the sun-drenched heat of summer. This fragrance starts soft combining water jasmine and a glimmer of honey and finishes brightly with a blend of citrus notes, keeping the senses engaged. PEACE, No. Two utilizes premium packaging materials, a crisp black elevator box and finespun cream paper stock. The hand painted vessel color for PEACE, No. Two is an ethereal cool grey, which reflects this graceful fragrance, as does the artful words that are on the band that encase this little delicacy.  Citrus, water jasmine and honey scent.

    • Citrus, water jasmine and honey scent
    • American farmed, 100% chemical-free vegetable soy wax + cotton wick
    • Premium quality fragrances 
    • Individually hand poured into grey/blue painted glass vessel 
    • Produced in the United States 
    • Each candle includes a match book
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